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We are a Hong Kong technology company in the business of providing EV charging services and solutions and is the operator of the E+ charging services and network

With the surging charging energy demand, power supply and grid capacity is increasingly in pressure, HALO is specialized in using load management technologies to help EV users and property owners to overcome power gaps and lower costs in meeting the demand for EV charging.

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Providing EV Charging Service

Co-investment model​

Full-coverage for Residential

Operation and E+ Care​

E+ Solution​

EV Driver

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Complete EV Charging Service Package Offering​


Property Management​

Commercial / Shopping Mall Charging Service


Residential​ Car Park Charging Service

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E+ Charging Station

Easy to expand

Our system can support 5x more EV chargers to be installed under same power supply condition.

Universally compatible

With our patented EV load management system, we support different brands EV chargers

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